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Le Meridien by Sicis, New Delhi



SICIS collaborated with one of India’s largest Interior Design firms, Bobby Mukherji & Associates to redesign large living spaces of Le Méridien, the luxurious, five-star hotel. Located in the centre of New Delhi, its elegant glass building has been recognised as one of the 100 icons of the capital.


The project involved remodelling the reception, lobby area and the fountain. Precious materials like Murano glass, stone, marble and special inserts, came together to create a versatile space that was creative and unique. Clever juxtapositions of these materials, using combinations of colours and patterns gave rise to a hypnotic theme that has a personalised optical effect.

The SICIS headquarters in Italy, and SICIS partner in India, worked closely with Mukherji’s team, reviewing the plans and renderings several times, until they reached the best result considering the available budget for the whole project.

The order was produced in 45 days and the installation was supervised by Ivan Mossini.


Main lobby

650 sqm gradation pixel mosaic using Neoglass barrels as per this color key: white – grey black in colors (720; 721; 710,5 and 746) and thicker murano Smalto colors in white and Titanium’s range

- 70 sqm Platinum, Colibrì Collection

- 20 sqm Murano glass thicker (red and yellow for the central circles)


- 250 sqm of plain color from the Murano collection for the fountain (Sun, Coral’s range)

Reception desk:

- artistic mosaic panels: marble on the floor and the reception desk – custom design

External area of the lobby:

- 120 mq marble mosaic custom medallions


" This hospitality project involves the remodelling of the reception, lobby area and the fountain, and is characterized by a wavy, hypnotic pattern ranging from black & white to bright shades of red and yellow."
Jaspriya Sahmey